In which we spend a lot of money to be uncomfortable

I'm reviving this blog to record my experiences completing my first (and possibly last) Ironman triathlon. One of my co-workers and I have signed up for Ironman Louisville, on October 15, 2017. Given that I've only done one half-iron event (the Beach 2 Battleship event that has since been bought out by the same World Triathlon Corporation that runs the Ironman events), this is going to be a leap for me. A few concerns so far:

  • It's way expensive. Entry fees alone are close to $1,000.
  • The race is 6 hours from my house, so at a bare minimum I'm committed to 3 days of travel.
  • I've never gone on a 2.4 mile swim in any conditions, let alone the Ohio River.
  • I've never ridden 112 miles before (although I have done 100, several years ago).
  • I've never run a marathon before, let alone at the tail end of the other events.
  • I'm neither as young nor as skinny as I used to be.
On the plus side, I've got a number of advantages:
  • Unlike another of my co-workers who did an Ironman for his very first triathlon, I've completed a number of these now so I have an idea what to expect.
  • I have all sorts of support for this. My company has provided a full staff of people to help out with this:
    • A personal trainer who has herself run a full Ironman
    • A swim instructor
    • A nutritionist
    • Several persistent co-workers who make sure I get my swim workouts in
  • I'm motivated to finish, and confident that I will
So, this is just sort of the public announcement that I'm starting down the path. Hopefully future posts will have more details, pictures, or something else interesting to follow.