Workout log: Pool Swim

One of the handiest bits of triathlon-specific technology I have is a Garmin vivoactive GPS watch, which tracks not only outdoor running and cycling, but also lap swimming and workouts on some treadmills and exercise bikes. It automatically syncs via my phone to The Cloud, which makes it really easy for me to put links like the following that show a summary of today's workout.

I've been swimming at the company pool on Tuesdays with two other women from work, but didn't make it this week because my daughter was sick. After some not terribly subtle encouragement I decided to get the swim in today. The workout was pretty basic:

  • 200yd warmup
  • 1,000yd set followed by 1min rest
  • 1,000yd set
  • 100yd cool-down
Before I started swim lessons I was lucky to do 100yds in 2:30, which is pretty seriously slow; swimming is my weakest of the three events. Today I managed to do both of the main sets at a 2:15/100yd pace, and the times were within 3 seconds of each other. Felt pretty good all in all, although I look forward to continuing to pick up the pace.