Getting excellent support on this project

I realized as I was planning my workouts for today that I have really amazing levels of support for all of this. The first, and by far the most important, contribution to this comes from my wife. First, she (somewhat foolishly) agreed to let me do this, and doesn't seem to have reconsidered that now that I'm actually signed up. Then, when I announced that today was going to be the first of my two-a-day sessions and thus I was going to need her to take our daughter to school so that I could leave for the pool immediately after breakfast she was fine with that too. None of this would be possible otherwise, so thank you, love! (And as I'm typing this she's responding to what our daughter is describing as a disaster).
I also have the good fortune to be working at one of the very best companies in the country, which has provided benefits I couldn't afford otherwise. We have a full-size indoor pool (complete with a free swim coach who has been helping me improve my technique), a personal trainer who has created extremely detailed, customized training plans for me over the past few years, a really excellent gym, yoga classes, and even healthy food at the cafeteria so I can get something to eat after working out at lunch. Go SAS!
Finally, I have come across any number of people who are also training for various endurance events who are willing to train with me from time to time, which helps keep motivation up. I have two colleagues that I swim with every Tuesday, my former coworker (we'll call her CK) who is on this Let's Do An Ironman journey with me, and a collection of other triathletes and runners who have provided helpful advice and encouragement. Thanks to all of you!

That's probably enough gushing about how good things are - those of you who know me will wonder what has happened to my normal curmudgeonly attitude. Here are the two workouts I did today:

2,300yd swim at a 2:20 pace

I did this from about 8-9 this morning and would have gone slightly longer but it was getting time to start work so I skipped the last 300yards. I got some on-the-spot coaching from the aforementioned swim coach which was an unexpected bonus. The workout was a descending ladder of a 100 warmup, then 600/500/400/300 yard sets with a 100yd skill set in between each one.

17mi bike ride at 17.8mph

Great day for riding - a bit windy, but sunny and in the 50s, so it's hard to ask for much more in December. I rode this one solo, and they're always a little harder when you don't get to draft behind somebody, but that's how the races work so it's good training. This is faster than I've done this route in the past, so I feel like perhaps I'm starting to improve my bike performance.