My new Relative Perceived Temperature scale

If you're done much work with a trainer you've probably heard of something called the Borg Rating of Perceived Exertion, which is a 1-20 scale of how hard you think you're working, independent of any objective measure such as heart rate. Depending on the version of the scale you use, somewhere between 1 and 6 corresponds to "no exertion" and 20 is "please prepare IV fluids and an oxygen mask."

RPE = 1

RPE = 20
(That second image is of Sian Welch and Wendy Ingraham from the 1997 Ironman World Championship)
So, I didn't hit either end of that spectrum today, but I have decided on a corresponding temperature scale. Today's 6-mile run took place in cold weather, which I'm choosing to report as -4 degrees (Celsius), since it felt awfully cold when I started. Similarly, when we get around to summer I'll be reporting using the Kelvin scale, where a typical North Carolina summer day is around 300 degrees Kelvin. Look - it's my blog, and I'll whine if I want to.
See if you can spot the Ironman

Actually, that's a trick question, since I'm not yet an Ironman, but I figure getting out and doing 6 miles on a day like today is one of the steps towards becoming one. Of course, I was all impressed with myself for doing it, until I saw that my training partner CK ran 7 miles, at a faster pace, and earlier in the morning when it was even colder. I also found that I was running too fast; normally you wouldn't think that was a problem, but I'm trying to do my long runs at a pace where I feel like I could still do another few miles at the end, rather than being all out of breath by the finish as I was today.

I did just over 6 miles at a 10:20 pace, which is a faster rate than the 4 miles I did on Thursday, which was at a 10:30 pace and also felt pretty fast. Sunday is a rest day, and then I am back at it on Monday.