Need to meet people? Ride in the cold!

Just a quick update today to cover my decent bike ride today and very unsuccessful run yesterday.
Today I went for a ride at lunch and as a result ended up in conversations with three separate people, all of whom seemed to think that riding in freezing weather (it was 30 degrees) was pretty extreme. I rode for an hour, with many layers of clothing, and decided at the outset that I wasn't going for any sort of personal record pace. Normally when I go for a ride I attract no attention and don't talk to anybody unless I'm part of a group ride. Evidently the weather seemed sufficiently severe that my interlocutors decided it was worth striking up a conversation. The surprising thing is that it wasn't actually all that cold once I got out there - the combination of vigorous activity and the layers apparently worked.

Yesterday I attempted to go for a 4-mile run, but it turns out that having a bowl of Special K for breakfast doesn't give you enough energy to then run at noon. I got off to a fine start but by the end of the first mile was feeling decidedly shaky. I might have gone a little farther but the company cafeteria was only another 1/2 mile away, so that's all the farther I ran. This morning I loaded up on a large plate of hash and eggs, which worked out much better.