Road cycling workout and start of marathon training

Just a quick update and some technology notes. If you've signed up for the email notices for new blog postings, thank you! When you get them you probably want to click on the title of the posting, as the Garmin links don't show up in the email but are visible through the blog. I've also heard that using Internet Explorer doesn't work terribly well either, so take that into consideration.
On to a quick summary of today's workout. I did a ride at lunch in Cary, and the weather was very nice for early December. It was windy in spots, but with long pants and a long-sleeve shirt on I was quite comfortable, which is better than it might be. I also forgot to turn on my watch, so I've cribbed the time and distance from one of the other people on the ride and entered it as a generic workout.

Next week starts the official training for the Tobacco Road Marathon, which is on March 19th, 2017. I did the half marathon last year, and I found the tagline of "Fast, Flat, and Fun" to be about 1/3 true, as it was flat. My time for that event was right around 2:30, so I'm looking for a marathon time somewhere outside 5 hours. As the goal is strictly to convince myself that I can cover the distance I'm not too concerned about the time, but it helps to have some idea how long it's going to take so I can compare it to other events I've done. An Olympic distance triathlon takes me a little under 4 hours, and the one Half Ironman triathlon I did was just under 7 hours, so this will hopefully be somewhere in the middle.