Running tip of the day

Recovering with the Dog

Note that Sammy didn't actually go on the run with me - he just came over to lick my face and offer general moral support.

Today's running tip is that going longer distances is more difficult while you're doing it and more painful when you're done. This is probably not news to anybody but me, but apparently I haven't completely internalized the fact that running 26.2 miles is a long way. This morning I ran 10 miles at an 11:05 pace, which is pretty good for me, but my lower back is pretty sore now. I have to figure out what type of stretching or other recovery work will help it. (The idea behind sitting with your legs up the wall is that it helps all the extra blood that's accumulated in your legs return to the rest of your body, while also stretching out your hamstrings and glutes. Not sure yet if it works).

Since it appears that it's been essentially a week since I updated this, I'm just going to list out the activities during that period as a way to catch up. My plan is to continue training regularly during this week between Christmas and New Year's Day even though I'm on vacation, so I should have regular updates to report next week.

Friday PM: Riding after work

I got out for a quick ride at the end of the day yesterday. The sun was starting to go down when I left, and I realized that I hadn't put on enough cold-weather apparel, so I cut a few miles off the ride. Still, it was good to get out and get the second round of exercise for the day.

Friday AM: Swimming before work

For a variety of reasons I hadn't made either of my planned swim sessions this week, so I went into work early and got my swim in before starting my day. It was just two long sets - first 1,000yds then 1,500yds with a brief rest in between.

Thursday: 4 mile run

I've started running with somebody else at work who is just about my pace. She's training for a 10K next April, and she's already at the point where she can make the distance so we're working on increasing the percentage of time actually running. The weather was very nice.

Wednesday: 17-mile bike ride

While I continue to dislike riding near work due to the amount of traffic on the roads, and the large number of stoplights that interrupt my Flow, there isn't much else to be done if I want to ride mid-week so I've been trying to get out for an hour or two each week.

Tuesday: 6-mile run

Tuesday I had to work from home as my daughter was sick, but I managed to get in a run around lunch time when my wife got back from her morning appointments. This one felt pretty good - I had a reasonable amount of energy afterwards and nothing much was hurting, so I'm calling it a success.

Monday is my off day, so I've finally worked my way back to the workout from my previous blog posting. Clearly I need to keep on top of these better as this entry is a bit long. Thanks for reading!